Downtown Streetscape Project
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On this page you will find news releases, project updates, renderings of the final design, and progress photos for the Downtown Streetscape Project. Any additional questions regarding the project should be directed to City of Granbury Public Information Officer Bethany Kyle at (817)573-6764 or .
10/7/2017 - On Monday, October 9, and continuing for two to three weeks, there will be street and intersection closures on Bridge St. between Houston St. and Crockett St. Read the full news release about these street and intersection closures here.

9/20/2017 – This schedule is subject to change daily, pending weather conditions.

  • Thursday, 9/21 – Replacement sidewalks will be constructed along the west side of Ketzler’s and at Red’s corner.
  • Friday, 9/22 – Asphalt will be placed on all streets within Phases 3 & 4 (Pearl, Houston & Crockett), starting on the far east side of Pearl St. 
  • Monday, 9/25 – Houston St. sidewalk removals and replacements will begin, asphalt work will be finished, and trees will be placed in planters.
  • Tuesday, 9/26 – Pavement striping will be done on Phase 3 & 4 streets.
  • Wednesday, 9/27 – Stop signs will be installed, and crews will begin cleaning up the area.
  • Thursday, 9/28 – Benches and trash receptacles will be installed, and crews will continue cleaning up the area.
  • Friday, 9/29 – Cleanup and any remaining tasks will be finished.

Punch list to be addressed in October.
8/31/2017 - Water line installation is completed and in service. Concrete pavement construction at all intersections is completed, and construction of the remaining sidewalks and ramps is ongoing. Remaining limestone curbing along Houston St. has been installed. Electrical work for the new street lighting and vendor receptacles is completed and activated. Concrete has been placed for the west entrance to the courthouse, and will remain closed until the brick pavers are installed next week. On Friday, September 1, additional areas of sidewalks will be constructed, and the contractor will be sprucing up the construction area for the upcoming Labor Day weekend events.
8/9/2017 - New water line installation is partially completed, and will be fully completed next week. This water line installation was added to the project because of the existing line's deteriorating condition. Concrete pavement construction at the Pearl St. and Crockett St. intersection is completed and the construction of the sidewalk ramps is continuing. Concrete pavement will be constructed at the Pearl St. and Houston St. intersection next week. Concrete for the remaining parking area on Houston St. has been constructed, and replacement of the sidewalks is forthcoming. Electrical work for the new street lighting is ongoing, as well as the new irrigation system for the landscaping.

7/20/2017 - Completion of the new water system is continuing. Due to the discovery of aging water mains in Pearl St., the contractor has been directed to replace these existing lines prior to the reconstruction of the Pearl St./Houston St. and Pearl St./Crockett St. intersections. 

Vehicles driving over the newly installed radius curbs on Bridge St./Houston St. and Bridge St./Crockett St. have caused damage to the concrete curbing. Because of this issue, plans for the Pearl St. intersections have been revised with larger radiuses and the concrete curbing between the ADA ramps has been eliminated. This change may also be implemented on the newly completed Bridge St. intersections as well.

At the July 18 Granbury City Council, the City Manager presented a more detailed update on the progress of the project. Click here to watch video from that meeting.

6/29/2017 - Construction on Phases 3 and 4 began June 21. Milling (removing a minimum of 2”) of the existing asphalt pavement is completed. Removals of existing concrete sidewalks and curb and gutter are ongoing. Foundation supports for the awnings on Houston St. are being reconstructed to the new sidewalk grades. The new street lighting on Bridge St., Crockett St. and Houston now energized. After the Fourth of July holiday, the intersections of Pearl St./Houston St. and Pearl St./Crockett St. will be reconstructed and completion of the new water system will begin. The Fourth of July Parade will be able to retain its normal route traveling east down Pearl St., turning north on Crockett St. and then west on E. Bridge St. For more information about the Fourth of July Parade, contact the Granbury Chamber of Commerce.

6/16/2017 - In order to expedite the completion of the project, the City is combining construction Phases 3 and 4 of the Granbury Town Square Streetscape, Pavement, Drainage & Pavement Marking Improvements. This final phase will begin following the completion of Phase 2 early next week.
Read the full news release about the combined Phases 3 and 4 here.

6/8/2017 - Phase 2 is nearing completion. Sidewalks are being removed and replaced. Roadway and sidewalk pavers are being installed. New street lighting is completed. Phase 2 parking areas are completed. Next, asphalt concrete paving will be constructed and new water line installation will be completed. There will be construction work the Downtown Streetscape Project on Saturday, June 10.

6/2/2017 - Due to rain delays earlier in the week, there will be construction work on the Downtown Streetscape Project on Saturday, June 3 for most of the day. Work will start early in the morning and will be concentrated at the corners of Bridge St./Crockett St. and Pearl St./Crockett St.

5/22/2017 - The section of Crockett St. south of Pearl St. has reopened to traffic. Concrete at the Bridge St. and Crockett St. intersection was placed last Thursday. Approximately 50% of the Crockett St. parking areas have been placed. Installation of electrical conduits for this phase is complete, and the light pole foundations will be constructed this week. The contractor is removing existing concrete at the northwest and northeast corners of Bridge St. and Crockett St., and will be placing concrete at those locations this week. Tree planter areas along the west side of Crockett St. are nearing completion. Additional work at the northeast corner of Bridge St. and Crockett St. has been added to the contract. Brick pavers will be installed this week or early next week, pending weather. Waterlines will be tested for pressure and bacteria. Due to events for Memorial Day weekend, there will be no construction work on the square Friday after 5:00 pm (5/26) through Monday (5/29).
5/12/2017 - Construction work for Phase 2 is moving forward, and crews have begun waterline work. Beginning Monday (5/15), and for the next few days after, the block of Crockett St. immediately south of Pearl St. will be closed to through traffic, as well as parking on both sides of the street. There will be posted signage directing vehicles to detour around that section of Crockett St. Two-way traffic on Pearl St. will remain open; this will only affect vehicles turning south onto Crockett St. from Pearl St.

4/28/2017 -
Construction on Phase 2 will begin early next week. Phase 1 construction is being wrapped up, and the area is being cleaned. Read the full news release about the start of Phase 2 here.

4/21/2017 - Curb limestone and limestone inserts in the sidewalks are installed on Bridge St. and a portion of Houston St. Sidewalk brick pavers were installed this week. Phase 1 sidewalk installation on Bridge St. and Houston St. is being completed. Additional concrete is being poured to adjust certain sections of the sidewalk. Next week, crews will be completing any concrete work remaining for Phase 1 and another crew will be cleaning and preparing for the transition to Phase 2. Phase 2 includes the corner of Bridge St. and Crockett St. and most of Crockett St. You can view the Phase Map here.

3/30/2017 - Phase 1 of construction is nearing completion. Houston St. and Bridge St. parking areas are completed and the intersection has been constructed, including installation of crosswalk brick pavers. All Phase 1 asphalt concrete is in place and sidewalks adjacent to Farina’s Winery & Cafe are completed. Existing sidewalks on Bridge St. and Houston St. are being removed and replaced with new concrete and limestone inserts adjacent to the buildings.

3/13/2017 - Concrete has been placed at the Houston St. and Bridge St. future parking areas and all of the planned concrete curb and gutter has been placed. The Houston St. and Bridge St. intersection has been constructed and brick paver installation will begin this week. Sidewalk formwork is in progress and concrete placement will begin next week. Due to General Granbury's Birthday Celebration there will be no construction work on the square Thursday (3/16) to Sunday (3/19).
3/1/2017 - Phase 1 work is on schedule and approximately 40% complete. Water Main installation is completed and existing concrete and pavement removals will be completed this week. Electrical conduits (lines) for the new pole lighting is completed. Irrigation conduits (lines) and valves for the new trees will be completed this week. Form work for the new concrete curb, gutter and parking areas is ongoing and concrete placement will commence late this week. Intersection form work is commencing. Upcoming work includes sidewalk replacement, curb ramp replacement, and asphalt paving.

Background Information

The Granbury Downtown Streetscape Project construction began February 6, 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in September 2017. The City of Granbury was awarded a grant for the streetscape improvements on the square as part of the State’s Transportation Alternative Program (TAP). The project involves sidewalk, lighting, street and landscaping improvements on the square.

News Releases
Granbury Town Square Streetscape Construction to Begin February 6, 2017
  • Includes information regarding the overall phasing plan, construction plans, and project timeline.
Square Streetscape Construction Moves into Phase 2

Progress Photos
  Phase 1 Progress Photos - March 20     Phase 1 Progress Photos - April 6         
Streetscape Aerial Photo _ March 20 _ Phase 1 (1).jpg Streetscape Aerial Photo _ April 6 _ Phase 1 (1).JPG Phase 1 Progress Photos - April 27        Phase 2 Progress Photos - May 17 
 Streetscape Aerial Photo _ April 27 _ Phase 1 (1).JPG Streetscape Aerial Photo _ May 17 _ Phase 2 (3).jpg
Phase 2 Progress Photos - June 8 Phase 3+4 Progress Photos - June 28
Streetscape Aerial Photo _  June 8 _ Phase 2 (1).JPG Streetscape Aerial Photo _ June 28 _ Phase 3 and 4 (1).JPG
Downloadable Renderings
Click on the image name to open the file in a new window.
Project Phases Map
  • The project will take place over the course of four phases. This map shows what areas of the square are part of each phase.
Final Design - Overhead 3D Rendering
  • This rendering shows an angled overhead 3D view of the final design.
Final Design - Overhead Map
  • This rendering shows and overhead view of the final design including a map key for the placement of design elements.
Bridge Street Design | Crockett Street Design | Houston Street Design | Pearl Street Design
  • Each of the four streets included in the project has a street view rendering of the design.

How long will this project take?
The project began February 6, 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in September 2017.
How many phases are there in this project?
As shown on the Phase Map, there are four phases in this project. Each phase is scheduled to take approximately two months.
Will there be construction work
 overnight or on Saturdays?
There will be construction periodically on Saturdays and on rare occasions overnight. Keep an eye on this page and our City of Granbury social media accounts; we will post an update when a Saturday work day or overnight work is scheduled.
Will I still be able to go downtown and visit downtown businesses?
Yes, the phases of the project are designed so that there is still access to and through the square. Construction crews will also ensure that there is always a way around construction work so that visitors can get into all businesses during business hours.
Will the construction work prevent downtown events and parades?
No, it will not. On the weekend of a parade or large event, construction will stop the Thursday before the event and not begin again until the following Monday. Events will be coordinated around the current phase's construction zones.
Will there be less parking once the project is finished?
No, the completed plan does not remove any parking spots.
Will there be more lighting once the project is finished?
Yes, there will be 17 addition lampposts on the side of the square where the businesses are located once the project is complete. The existing lampposts will all be refurbished. The new lampposts will match the current ones exactly for a cohesive design all the way around the square. There may be temporary lighting in place as the project progresses if necessary. 

Parking map courtesy of Visit Granbury.

Phase 3 and 4 Parking Map.jpg

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