The City "Where History Lives"  has a dynamic and growing population of 12,391 people. From 2020 to 2022 the City of Granbury grew at rate of 13.1 percent and added 1,433 people.  Hood County's population also grew to 65,209, and is projected to grow to 68,160 by 2026. In addition, over 2,600,000 live within the labor shed, which is projected to add another 164,000 people by 2026. 

GranburyHood CountyLabor Shed
Total Population12,39165,2092,605,438
Median Household Income$68,740                                    $67,156

Per Capita Income$45,579
Median Age - Years50.5    
Median Home Value$255,093
Educational Attainment - Bachelor's Degree or higher
Sources:  U.S. Census, NTCOG, ESRI, EMSI, 2022 

Find more area population and demographics information here.  Additionally, Granbury ISD conducts an extensive annual demographics analysis which exhibits housing and development projects.  Click the link below for more information.

Granbury ISD - Fall 2021 Demographic Report