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Residential Missed Trash Submission Link

  1. Residential Missed Trash Submission

    Should the City of Granbury's garbage contractor, Waste Connections, miss your trash pick-up, please complete the form below.  

    Please consider the following:

    Please note two trucks will be by, one trash and one recycle. Grant the contractor patience for pick up. 

    Additionally, when a truck reaches at a certain weight, for safety, the truck much is purged and will resume the route. 

    Trucks have from 7 am to 7 pm on your designated pick-up day. 

    Approved rubbish/recycling can be found at 

    All missed trash submissions must be submitted in writing via this form or email

  2. I verify the following as a condition for submission, video recording will confirm*

    Check all that apply. 

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