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  1. 1. Personal Information
  2. 2. Criminal History
  3. 3. Emergency Contact
  4. 4. Desired Employment
  5. 5. Education
  6. 6. Military History
  7. 7. References
  8. 8. Employment History
  9. 9. Police Applicants Only
  10. 10. Resume Upload (Optional)
  11. 11. Authorization for Background Check
  12. 12. Terms and Conditions
  13. 13. DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification
  • Personal Information

    1. Start of Application

    2. Failure to fully complete the information requested on this application will eliminate you from further consideration.

    3. Eligibility:*

      Only United States citizens or aliens who are legally entitled to work in the United States are eligible for employment. Can you, upon employment, submit documentation verifying your identity and your legal right to work in the United States?