Restraint & Impoundment

Laws for Restraint & Impoundment of Animals

Dogs must be confined to the owner's property by a fence, leash or chain. When off the owner's property, the animal must be in a vehicle or on a leash held by the owner.

If Animal Control picks up your dog or cat running loose, the impounded animal will be transported to the animal shelter. The animal may be redeemed for the below mentioned fees:
  • First impoundment of the dog or cat will be $25*
  • For each additional impoundment of the same dog, the impoundment fee will increase by $5* for each subsequent impoundment within a 12 month period.
  • In addition to the impoundment fee, the owner shall pay the boarding fee, citation if any, and any veterinary or drug fees incurred during the impoundment.
*Fees are subject to change.

If proof of current rabies vaccination cannot be produced by the owner, the owner will pay for a rabies vaccination before the animal is released to the owner. Animals will be held for three days. The owner of any dog retrieved from impoundment will be responsible for all applicable fees.

Animals with rabies tags or personal identification tags will be permitted to stay longer than three days in hopes of locating the owner. If any animal is not claimed, it will be evaluated for adoption, or the animal will be humanely euthanized. For more information, contact Animal Control at (817) 573-2648.