East Wastewater Treatment Plant Permit process documents and video

October 5, 2022  TCEQ Unanimously Approves City’s Wastewater Permit Request  After years of costly delay, all three commissioners with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality sided with the State Office of Administrative Hearings and voted to issue a permit to the City of Granbury for a second wastewater treatment plant.   WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE HEARING AND DECISION

TCEQ decision: Proposal for Decision Supporting a Permit

June 2022   A two-judge panel has recommended that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) issue a Draft Permit to the City of Granbury for the proposed East Wastewater Treatment facility at 3121 Old Granbury Road. That follows more than a month of hearings and submittal of evidence in which 13 raised issues were considered.  MORE AT THIS LINK

Here is a repository of the rest of the documents from the East Wastewater Treatment Plant Permit process. Underlined titles are links to documents in chronological order.

1. Interim Order

2. Pre-filed Testimony

   TCEQ Pre-filed Testimony  Gordon Cooper testimony   Gordon Cooper Resume  Procedures to implement surface water standards   Standards Implementation Memo   Water Quality memo   Basis Technical Summary  Draft Permit   EPA Guidance   Compliance History  Response to Comments   Jeff Paull resume

   Granbury Pre-filed Testimony  Crownover Pre-filed testimony   Crownover PowerPoint document   Draft Permit  Survey  Notice Letter  Ordinance 20-72   Ordinance 21-23   Ordinance 21-62   Ordinance 22-05

Dunn Pre-filed testimony   Dunn resume 

Berryhill Direct Examination   Berryhill resume  PowerPoint   Flow diagrams   Buffer Justification   Design Calculations   Facility Justification Hay Pre-filed Testimony   Hay Resume

Beach Pre-filed Testimony  Beach Resume  

Osting Resume  TCEQ Interoffice memo   Dissolved Oxygen Modeling  Uncalibrated QUAL-TX Model Results   Bio assessment of four Hill Country streams   

Flores Pre-filed Testimony   Flores Resume  Photos   Outfall Location Map   Project Map   Species List Rucker   Blanco Analysis   EPA Recreational Water Criteria

Dr. Ray Perryman Exhibit 1   Exhibit 2   Exhibit 3   Exhibit 4   Exhibit 5   

Witness and Exhibit List

 Protestants Pre-filed Testimony  Machin   Machin Resume  Photos

Frossard  Frossard Resume  Figure 1  Dissolved Oxygen Modeling Permit Review Checklist  Excerpts from WHO Cyanobacteria Publication   TCEQ Map  Nutrient Screening ED   March 16 2009 Order TCEQ  Figure 2   Figure 3   Figure 4   Figure 5

Esmond  Esmond Resume   Lavon Lake Study   BNR Units   Excerpts from Application   EPA Recreational WQ Criteria  Lake Granbury WPP

Rist   Resume 

March 8 Hearing Transcript (condensed)  Crownover   Opening Statement   Perryman  Table of Contents1 Table of Contents2   Table of Contents3  

Manchin Offer of Proof    Order of Witnesses and Exhibit List    Calder    Nolte

Protestants' Objections to Applicant's Pre-filed Testimony and Motion to Strike

3. Court Transcripts (condensed) Table of Contents 1   Table of Contents 2   Table of Contents 3  Hearing on the Merits 1   Hearing on the Merits 2   Hearing on the Merits 3  Protestants Offer of Proof

4. Closing Arguments TCEQ Executive Director   City of Granbury  Office of Public Interest Counsel   Protestants

5. Response to Closing Arguments  City of Granbury   TCEQ Executive Director   Office of Public Interest Counsel  Protestants

6. Court Decisions  Court Proposal for a Decision   Proposal for Decision Supporting a Permit

7. Exceptions to the Proposal for Decision  Executive Director's   Executive Director's reply to exceptions   Judge's statement to the exceptions

8. Reply to Exceptions   City of Granbury Brief   Executive Director reply to Exceptions   City of Granbury Reply to Exceptions  GF Reply to Exceptions  Office of Public Interest Counsel No Exceptions

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