What is the latest on Highway 377?

Although US Highway 377 is in Granbury, it is not a City of Granbury road. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is responsible for the maintenance of US Highway 377. Granbury's Mayor, Councilmembers and Staff are frequently in contact with State and Federal elected officials and TxDOT staff, seeking new information and faster timetables regarding highway improvements.

TxDOT hosted a "US 377 in Hood County" Virtual public meeting with in-person option on Thursday, Nov. 17. These are the items released by TxDOT at the meeting.

VIDEO: TxDOT's US 377 in Granbury, Virtual public meeting (link)

VIDEO: TxDOT Animation for Proposed Interchange-US 377 at SH 144 (link)

DOCUMENT: Fact Sheet (link)

DOCUMENT: Environmental Constraints Map (link)

DOCUMENT: Slide Presentation (link)  Script for the Slide Presentation (link)

DOCUMENT: Comment Form (link)

DOCUMENTS: Schematics (links)

Schematic 1 – US 377 from Holmes Drive to Pirate Drive

Schematic 2 – US 377 from Pirate Drive to End of the Brazos River Bridge

Schematic 3 – US 377 from End of the Brazos River Bridge to Harbor Lakes Drive

Schematic 4 – US 377 from Harbor Lakes Drive to Old Granbury Road

Schematic 5 – US 377 from Old Granbury Road to FM 4

Schematic 6 – US 377 from FM 4 to FM 167 (Temple Hall Highway)

Schematic 7 – US 377 from FM 167 (Temple Hall Highway) to FM 167 (Fall Creek Highway)

Schematic 8 – US 377 from FM 167 (Fall Creek Highway) to End of Project Limits

Breakout Project – US 377 from Pirate Drive to Overstreet Boulevard

COMMENTS: Online (link)

TxDOT Fort Worth District is proposing improvements to US 377 from Holmes Drive to 3,000 feet north of FM 167 (Fall Creek Highway), a distance of approximately 9 miles, in the City of Granbury, Hood County, Texas. The project has the potential to be constructed in phases, with improvements to US 377 between Pirate Drive and Overstreet Boulevard, including the US 377 interchanges with FM 51 and SH 144, being completed during the first phase of construction.

US 377 between Holmes Drive and SH 144 would remain a four-lane highway and would be converted from a rural highway to an urban highway through the addition of a raised median, enclosed drainage and curbs where appropriate.

The proposed project would: 

-Reconstruct and widen US 377, from SH 144 to north of FM 167 (Fall Creek Highway), from a four-lane divided highway to a six-lane divided highway with a raised median that would either be concrete-paved or vegetated to provide opportunities for landscaping

-Add improvements to cross street intersections, ramps and driveway connections

-Add shared-use paths in each direction to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians, signalization, and drainage improvements

Improve driveway connections that are also proposed at Meadows Drive, Whitehead Drive, Calinco Drive, Warnick Court/CR 331, Granbury Court, and Corporate Drive

The proposed project would require 26 acres of new ROW and 3.4 acres of permanent drainage easements. 

For TxDOT's "Project Tracker," please go to https://apps3.txdot.gov/apps-cq/project_tracker/ You can search "Hood-County" for localized results. 

For more information, click on TxDOT's US 377 Project page at: https://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/projects/studies/fort-worth/us377-granbury.html

TxDOT's 2023 Unified Transportation Program, a record $85 billion, 10-year statewide roadway construction plan is at this link: https://ftp.txdot.gov/pub/txdot/tpp/utp/utp-2023.pdf  (Large file)  Hood County information begins at page 88 of the document

For a guide to "Who are your State Senators, State Representatives, U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives?" CLICK HERE

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