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Posted on: January 22, 2024

Granbury Volunteer Fire Department Rumors and Facts

RUMOR:  My (insert favorite store or restaurant) will not come to Granbury because we have a volunteer fire department.

FACT:  Large chain stores such as Target use demographic and traffic studies to decide where to locate stores.  For example, one of the factors they consider: how many houses are there within a certain income level within so many miles of a proposed location.  Granbury Volunteer Fire Department has a letter on file from Target saying their decision NOT to locate a store here is NOT because the City and County have volunteer fire departments.

RUMOR: The Granbury Volunteer Fire Department will fill my swimming pool.

FACT: Sorry, the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department does not fill swimming pools.

RUMOR: The Granbury Volunteer Fire Department will not rescue a cat from a tree.

FACT: While cats generally come down on their own, members of the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD) love animals. They will do their best to aid animals in distress.  GVFD has rescued cats which appeared to be in distress from trees. GVFD has rescued many other animals, including a puppy trapped in a storm drain and a horse trapped under a house. 

RUMOR: The Granbury Volunteer Fire Department will send me a bill if they respond to a fire at my house.

FACT: The Granbury Volunteer Fire Department never charges for responding to an emergency.  

RUMOR: The members of the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department receive payment for each fire to which they respond.

FACT: Granbury Volunteer Fire Department members receive no pay for serving.

RUMOR: The members of the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department are untrained.

FACT: Active members have graduated from the Fire Academy and annually receive at least 24 hours of training. Most members hold multiple certifications, including Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, and EMT. New members are in probationary status for at least six months until they graduate from a state-certified Fire Academy and demonstrate proficient firefighting skills.  Probationary members have restricted duties and are closely supervised by a GVFD Officer.

RUMOR: I have seen fire trucks go through red lights with lights and siren, then turn off the lights and siren once they’re through the light and drive normally.  Why are firefighters allowed to run red lights in this manner?

FACT: Firefighters are authorized to run “code” (drive with lights and siren) when responding to an emergency.  When a call is received, multiple units are often dispatched.  The first unit on the scene assesses the situation and sometimes cancels additional units.  When a unit responding to an emergency is canceled, the driver turns off the lights and siren and obeys all traffic laws.  

RUMOR: Most cities have paid fire departments.  

FACT: In Texas, 70 percent of the fire departments are volunteers.  For example, the city of Pasadena (population 148,000) has a volunteer fire department.

RUMOR:  Only men can join the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department as firefighters.

FACT:  Both Granbury and other Hood County volunteer fire departments have experienced and highly capable female firefighters. All local fire departments welcome everyone who will commit to the training and time required to qualify as a firefighter.

RUMOR: Granbury’s newest fire truck, Tanker 10, is not allowed to be used outside of Granbury city limits.

FACT: Tanker 10 was purchased primarily for use outside of the city limits, as it is most needed where there are no fire hydrants.  Granbury has excellent fire hydrant coverage, but most areas outside of the city do not have fire hydrants.  For the first nine months of 2023, Tanker 10 has responded to 82 calls outside of the city, ensuring an adequate water supply for fighting fires.

RUMOR: Granbury’s aerial truck, Tower1, is not allowed to be used outside of the city limits.

FACT: Tower 1 is an aerial truck with a 100-foot-tall platform that is most useful fighting fires at large or tall buildings.  Due to its weight, it can only be operated from roads or properly built fire lanes, making it less useful in the county where buildings are set far back from roads.  Other fire apparatus is more useful in the county and is dispatched first. When needed, Tower 1 is dispatched to calls outside of city limits.  Tower 1 has responded to nine calls outside of the city during the past four years.  

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