Other Animal Regulations

Animal Bites

If your dog or cat bites or scratches someone and breaks the skin of that person, you must report this to Animal Control, and the animal must be placed in quarantine for 10 days, regardless of vaccination status. The owner of the animal is responsible for all costs incurred. If you are bitten by an animal:
  • Immediately wash with soap and water for at least five minutes
  • Call your family doctor / clinic
  • Notify Animal Control at (817) 573-2648 and give the following information:
    • Name and address of animal owner, if known
    • Description of the animal
    • Area where the incident occurred
    • Address where the animal may be found, if known


Dogs that disturb people by loud, continued or frequent barking, howling, or yelping anytime day or night, are prohibited.

Pens / Enclosures

If you keep your dog in a pen or similar type of enclosure, you must keep the enclosure clean and sanitary so that it does not give off offensive odors or lead to the breeding or attracting of flies or other insects.


Cruelty to animals is against the law, as is abusing, neglecting, or failing to provide a structurally sound, moisture-proof shelter. It is also against the law to abandon or dump an animal.


Any stray or lost dog or cat on your property should be turned over to Animal Control.

Exotic Animals

Ownership of exotic animals is prohibited within the city limits. Some but not all such animals are skunks, raccoons, bears, monkeys, lions, tigers, wolves, coyotes, bats, etc.