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Financial Transparency
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The Comptroller of Public Accounts launched the Transparency Stars Program in 2016 to recognize local governments across Texas that are striving to meet a high standard for financial transparency online. The city of Granbury has earned the transparency star in "Traditional Finances".

Financial Summary

The financial information and documents below are provided to give our citizens a clear view of how the City’s funds are used to make the City of Granbury a great place to reside or visit.

The following financial summary data is for the most recently completed fiscal year of October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015
, and is designed to provide a broad overview of the City’s finances. The information reported can be viewed in detail in the City’s 
audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Official Statement for the 2016 Bond Refunding

The per capita figures are based on the City’s 2015 estimated population of 9,140.

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Fiscal Year 2015 Budgeted Positions:
Full Time  163
Part Time   22

Annual Operating Budgets

The City of Granbury’s budget is a financial plan for the fiscal year of operations that matches all planned revenues and expenditures with the services provided to the residents of the City, based on established budgetary policies. The City is committed to setting community goals, performance measures, and priorities to convert taxpayer requests and resources into government services and expenditures that support the needs and desires of its citizens. 

2016-2017 Budget
2015-2016 Budget
2014-2015 Budget
2013-2014 Budget
2012-2013 Budget
2011-2012 Budget

Raw Budget Data 2016-2017

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The City of Granbury’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is published to provide the City Council, citizens, bondholders, City staff and other interested parties with audited detailed information concerning the financial condition and activities of the City government. The report contains a balance sheet, a statement of changes in net position, a statement of revenues and expenditures, and a comparison of budgeted to actual expenditures and revenue. The report also contains statistical data and other information of interest.

2015-2016 CAFR
2014-2015 CAFR

2013-2014 CAFR
2012-2013 CAFR
2011-2012 CAFR
2010-2011 CAFR

Check Registers

The following check registers display all payments incurred during the specified time period to include payments via ACH, bank draft or wire transfer. The check registers for the current fiscal year are provided on a monthly basis with historical data provided on a quarterly basis. 

January 2017 Check Register
December 2016 Check Register
November 2016 Check Register
October 2016 Check Register

Check Register History

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