It was expected that during today’s Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) meeting regarding granting the City of Granbury a permit to build a needed Wastewater Treatment Plant at 3121 Old Granbury Road several parties would be granted “affected person” status. That happened.
The Commissioners’ decision today was not a vote on the application itself. It is not an indication that TCEQ Commissioners have any concerns with the City’s application. Today, Commissioners did not consider approving the City’s permit application. Instead, it was merely a process for determining whether the right people asked for a hearing on issues that are within the TCEQ’s jurisdiction.
The multi-step, lengthy and complex process which began more than five years ago has again been extended. Some of the effects are a continued delay of approximately $100 million dollars in pending economic development and the need for City Council to consider extending a moratorium (begun December 14, 2020) on new permitting and building on the City’s east side. On October 4, a year-long moratorium impacting the entire city will be considered by Council.
The City has proposed to the TCEQ a plan that balances environmental, fiscal and logistical responsibilities. At this point, proposing new, short-sighted alternative plans driven by political motivation is not the answer.
City Staff is working with engineering to develop options which minimize infiltration of the wastewater treatment system during heavy rain events. They will be presented to the City Council for consideration.
Until the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Old Granbury Road is constructed, the city will experience overflow issues. --Chris Coffman, Granbury City Manager

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