Retail Food Establishments


The City of Granbury Health Department is responsible for the permitting and inspection of more than 200 food establishments within the city limits of Granbury. These establishments include retail restaurants, school cafeterias, grocery and convenience stores, bakeries, day care centers, bed and breakfasts, and retirement / nursing homes.

The city also conducts inspections of temporary food service facilities. These are facilities that operate in conjunction with special events on the historic square, such as: General Granbury’s Birthday, the 4th of July Celebration, Memorial Day, and the Harvest Moon Festival.

Texas Food Establishment Rules

Retail Food Permits

All retail food establishment permits expire on December 31 of the year issued and are non-transferable. To apply for a new or renewal permit, complete a retail food service establishment application and submit the appropriate fee; checks payable to the City of Granbury.
Applications and fees may be mailed to:
Health Department
116 W. Bridge St.
Granbury, TX 76048

New / Remodeled Food Service Establishments

This department also works in conjunction with the Building and Fire Departments to review the plans of all new food service establishments, as well as the remodeling of any current establishment to ensure that equipment and facilities meet the criteria for the safe handling of food for our community.

Please contact the health inspector, Jeannie Stacks, by calling (682) 205-1638 to set up an appointment.