New Residential Utility Service Application

Before you start the application, please note:

New Residential Service Applications require: 

  1. Applicants to upload a photo of driver's license. 
  2. Once the application is received, the required deposit* or letter of credit** is due before service can be established.

Utility Billing Customer Service Account Specialist’s goal is to process all complete applications within 2 working days. (Complete are those with letter of credit** and copy of driver’s license.) We will make every attempt to contact you if your application is for any reason incomplete or a deposit* is still required within 2 working days of submission.

Should service need to be established before an Account Specialist has contacted you, or if you have not been contacted within 2 working days we encourage you to make contact with Utility Billing at 817-573-1114.

New Service Applications that are not completed or no deposit has been paid are kept on file for only 10 working days from date of submission.  Should the customer not fulfill the application requirements within 10 days, the applicantion will need to be re-submitted.

*Deposits are twice the average bill amount for service address. Average bill is calculated on the most recent 12 months of consistent usage. The deposit is refundable with good credit history after 24 months. In most cases a refund results in a credit to your account.


**Letter of Credit Requirements: Utility Bill History or Letter of Credit showing no more than 1 late penalty for 12 months from the most recent 12 months. i.e. If this is Feb 2018 applicants must provide Jan 2017 to Jan 2018 credit or bill history. Any less than 12 months of service; or more then the past 6 month history prior to application months do not meet requirements therefore a deposit will be required.

Yes, I  am prepared to meet the above requirements. I would like to continue to the online application.

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