Granbury Media & TV

Granbury Media is the media center for the City of Granbury that includes Granbury TV, Granbury Sports, and Granbury Radio. Granbury Media's intent is to inform the viewer about local government services, issues of community concern, and activities of interest in/to the Granbury community.

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Granbury TV


Granbury TV is the public, educational, government cable channel operated by the City of Granbury (Charter 190; Uverse 99). Granbury TV broadcasts municipal meetings, community events, informational content, public service announcements, and more.

Videos broadcast on the Granbury Media television channel can also be found on the Granbury Media YouTube page.

Every City Council Meeting and some community events are live-streamed to the Granbury Media Webpage

Granbury Sports


Granbury Sports is a social media page designed to provide information about athletic programs at Granbury High School, especially those broadcast on TV and radio by Granbury Media - Television. 

The information posted on Granbury Pirate Sports' social media is primarily provided by community volunteers who support Granbury Media and GISD athletics. 

GHS football, basketball, and baseball games are broadcast on the Granbury Radio app.

Granbury Radio


The Granbury Radio app brings you your favorite events live. Get Granbury High School sports and community celebrations live broadcast right to your phone. When events aren't happening, enjoy a varying mix of music.

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