Mosquito Control

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Trained City staff use chemical fogging to help control the mosquito population. Truck-mounted spraying will be conducted by as often as needed, depending upon insect population and weather conditions. Spraying is not done in rain or mist. Spraying is done only when winds are between one and ten miles per hour.  City staff tries to schedule spraying between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., when fewer people and pets are outdoors. Click here to sign up to get email/text notifications when mosquito spraying will take place.

Mosquito Spraying FAQ

For mosquito spraying, the City is divided into five sections. One section is sprayed in an evening.   Mosquito Spraying Map

What Residents Can Do

Mosquito spraying will not eliminate mosquitoes completely. The City asks that residents take action to help prevent mosquito infestation as well. Residents should empty and replace outside water sources for pets daily to prevent ingestion of sprayed chemicals. Other areas of outdoor standing water should be eliminated, when possible, to remove favorable mosquito breeding conditions. These include planters, buckets, tires, children’s swimming pools, gutters, etc. Chemical “donuts” are available at hardware and home improvement stores for residents to purchase to place in detention basins and abandoned pools.

Mosquitos are most active at dusk and dawn. Residents can protect themselves from mosquito bites by applying an insect repellant containing DEET and by wearing protective clothing.

Questions or Concerns?

If citizens have any questions or concerns regarding mosquito spraying, please call the Public Works office, at (817) 573-7030.

For more information regarding mosquito prevention, visit the CDC website.

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