Moment In Time Hike & Bike Trail

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Moments In Time Hike & Bike Trail
From City Hall to the Airport
Map of Trail

The Moments in Time Hike & Bike Trail was built in 2006. It is an eight-foot wide concrete trail traversing 2.93 miles from the Granbury Airport to Hewlett Park. Parking locations and restroom facilities are located along the trail. View a map of the Trail

The following are the different Moments in Time Plaques along the trail:

Comanche Peak
Called "Rocky Butte" by Comanche Indians an "High Peak" by early explorers, Comanche Peak is actually a mesa that rises 1,129 feet above sea level.

Thrash Family
P.H. Thrash, a captain in the Confederacy, moved to Hood County, Texas from North Carolina just after the Civil War.


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In 1887, the Fort Worth & Rio Grande Railroad laid track from Fort Worth to Cresson in Hood County.

 James Burton Burks
Jim Burks was a descendent of Abe Nutt and Indiana Riley, who owned and operated the ferryboat on the north end of the Brazos River on what is now known as Abe's Landing

Stick Horse Factory
The Stick Horse Factory was founded nearby in the late 1950's at 512 N. Travis Street in Granbury, Texas.

Ice House
Built in the early 1900's by R.R. Miller, who operated the business for many years later selling to the McCrary family, the Ice House served the local residents until the early 1960's.

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