Snowcone Stands (Seasonal Sales)

Snowcone Stand (Seasonal Sales)

Snowcone stands operate under a "Seasonal Sales" permit, for up to 120 days per year. Snowcone stands are required to pass an annual pre-opening health/ sanitation inspection, conducted by the Health Inspector, prior to opening. In addition, the Building Official verifies compliance with parking requirements, building, plumbing, and electrical, and sign codes.

The fees for snowcone stands are as follows:
1. Retail Food Establishment Permit: $100
2. Temporary Cert. of Occupancy: $ 30
3. Electrical T-Pole Inspection: $ 25
4. Temporary Sign Permit (optional): $10

A Snowcone Stand Application must be submitted with all applicable drawings, permissions, and fees. Inspections will be conducted by the Building Official and Health Inspector prior to issuance of the Snowcone Stand Permit.