Jesse James

Granbury's most fascinating wild west folk legend says that Jesse Woodson James, the notorious outlaw is buried here and not in Missouri.

Historians believe that Jesse James was shot and killed by a member of his own gang in 1882, but legend has it that another member of the James Gang was killed so that law enforcement officials would believe Jesse was dead.

J. Dalton claimed he was the real Jesse Woodson James in 1948. He had applied for and received a Confederate pension from the state of Texas as John Dalton, born March 8, 1848. He later claimed to have been in every war since 1863, and that he was gassed while serving with the Canadian Army in World War I. 

It is said that Jesse met a young woman here and fell in love. Local lore says James enjoyed his life in Granbury so much that he returned here with his grandson for the last days of his life.

Many James family descendants also believe the man who died here was Jesse James and they have dedicated a headstone and continue to visit and honor his grave which is in the Granbury Cemetery.

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