Pay & Benefits

Current Annual Salary

Patrol Recruit: $63,931.00 (during academy training)

Patrol Trainee: $67,127.00 (during field training period)

Patrol Officer: $70,484.00

Certified Officer's pay can possibly be increased based on qualifications and experience.

Lateral Entry Pay Scale

$71,541 – 1 year experience

$72,614 – 2 years' experience

$73,704 – 3 years' experience

$74,809 – 4 years' experience

$75,931 – 5 years' experience

Peace officer experience does not include time spent in the field training program.  The starting date for peace officer experience will be calculated from the date Peace Officer Field Training (Course 3722) is reported to TCOLE on officer's training history from TCOLE.

Certification / Educational Incentive Pay

Basic certificate: $1,000 annually

Intermediate certificate: $2,000 annually

Advanced certificate: $3,000 annually

Master's certificate: $4,000 annually

Educational Pay - Bachelor's Degree or Above: $1,200 annually


Full-time employees of the City of Granbury receive:

Paid hospitalization insurance

2:1 matching retirement benefits (Texas Municipal Retirement System)

Life insurance

Paid vacation 2 weeks at one year, 3 weeks at five years, one additional day at 10 years and each subsequent year to a maximum of four weeks.

Paid holidays (13 per year)

Longevity pay ($10 per month of service after first year)

Sick leave benefits

Other benefits which are optional and at the employee’s expense include:

Dependent hospitalization

Dental insurance

Vision coverage plan

Cancer coverage plan

Disability coverage plan

Additional life insurance

Additional 457 retirement plan