Plat / Facility Improvements

Platting Submittal Requirements

  • Completed and signed plat application
  • Correct number of 18" x 24" folded blue/black line copies of plat
  • A digital copy of plat exhibit in .PDF format
  • Submit information to the Community Development Department by 3:00 pm on or before the submittal deadline date
  • A plat application shall not be reviewed unless the required fees, information, drawings, plans and attachments are deemed correct and complete for staff or Commission review
  • Attend required public hearings as failure to attend may result in the request being tabled or denied.

Pre-Application Proposal

A Pre-Application Proposal is required prior to filing any formal plat applications. The Pre-Application Proposal provides city staff the opportunity to review submitted plats before action by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council. Deadlines are provided in the Planning and Zoning Calendar.

Preliminary Plat

A Preliminary Plat is a graphic expression of the proposed overall plan for subdividing, improving, and developing a tract shown by superimposing a scale drawing of the proposed land division on a topographic map and showing in plan existing and proposed drainage features and facilities, street layout and direction of curb flow, and other pertinent features with notations sufficient to substantially identity the general scope and detail of proposed development.

Development Plat

A Development Plat is not an official plat that is filed for record with Hood County. A development plat is required when developing unplatted property within the City of Granbury extra-territorial jurisdiction.

Amending Plat

An Amending Plat is a revised plat correcting errors or making minor changes to the original recorded final plat.


A Replat is the subdivision of any part or all of any lot or blocks of a previously platted subdivision, additional lot, or tract. An amending plat is also a replat.

Minor Plat

A Minor Plat proposes the creation of four or fewer lots fronting on an existing street, which does not require the creation of any new street or the extension of any municipal (or public) facilities.

Final Plat

A Final Plat (also record plat or file plat) is the one official and authentic map of any given subdivision of land prepared from actual field measurement and staking of all identifiable points by a surveyor with the subdivision location referenced to a survey corner and all boundaries, corners, and curves of the land division sufficiently described so that they can be reproduced without additional references. The final plat of any lot, tract, or parcel of land shall be recorded in the records of Hood County, Texas. A minor plat is also a final plat.

Vacating Plat

A Vacating Plat is required to be filed in order to abandon a previously filed plat. A Vacating plat is required to be filed in the same manner as a Final plat.

Variance to the Subdivision Ordinance

If during the platting process the developer request variances to requirements of the Subdivision Ordinance, the developer must complete a variance application and submit to the Community Development Department prior to filing a plat for a public hearing.

Abandon or Relocate Utility Easement

Facilities Improvements Agreement (FIA)

An FIA is a contract between the developer and the city by which the developer promises to construct one or more of the following public/private facilities within a public right-of-way or easement, within a specified time period following final plat approval: water, sanitary sewer, street, sidewalk, storm drainage, street lights, and street name signs. Refer to the FIA Checksheet for a summary of requirements.

All contracts that go to City Council for consideration have to be accompanied with a Form 1295 from the Texas Ethics Commission. This form is a Certificate of Interested Parties that is filled out through the Texas Ethics Commission website. Please reference the FAQ sheet that explains the form and submittal process.

The FIA must be filed with the city in accordance with the Public Improvements Policy (PIP) and the City's Standard Construction Specifications for Public Improvements. The Public Works Department administers the PIP and the approval of the FIA. Surety may be required if an FIA is executed.