Utility Service Information

To report a utility emergency, such as a power outage or water leak when the City of Granbury is closed please call our emergency line. 817-588-0488 

Utility Billing Update 

The City of Granbury Utilities Team thanks all our customers for their patience during the system outage. The City utility bills are back on schedule with adjusted due dates. Currently you are receiving your November bill for your October utility consumption. Please note, while the City is not assessing any penalties, late fees or shutoffs, it is crucial that you are making regular payments on your account.

You may now make your payment online, by phone or text. The City's Online Utility Payment Portal www.granbury.org/payments is working. All customers are encouraged to log in and verify that your account information is current.

BANK AUTO DRAFT - Your entire balance will be drafted on the date listed on your utility bill. In the month of November, your account maybe drafted twice for previously missed utility drafts. Please email us at ub@granbury.org if you have any questions. 

CREDIT CARD AUTO PAY - Your entire balance may be automatically charged to your credit card on your scheduled payment date. Please login to your online portal and review your scheduled payment date at www.granbury.org/payments.

We’ve heard your concerns about high July and August utility bills. On many days during July and August, temperatures were in the triple digits and lawn watering was extremely high. The City's Advanced Metering Infrastructure system (AMI) was not impacted by the system outage. The AMI transmitted data each hour, providing a detailed consumption history. Visit www.granbury.org/UB and select My Usage: Utility Consumption Portal to learn more and sign up to see your utility usage.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. 

Verify your address is serviced by the City of Granbury Utilities here.  The above link also indicates if you are inside or outside the City of Granbury City Limits. 

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  1. Utility Billing

    Physical Address
    116 W Bridge St
    Granbury, TX 76048

    Fax: 817-573-7678
    Emergency Phone: 817-588-0488

Utility Billing Office

Department Description

We welcome new residents to Granbury. The Utility Billing Office is responsible for the accurate meter reading and billing of over 9,000 water and electric meters within our service area. The billing team handles new service applications, incoming calls, emails, payment processing, and billing for all customers. We are always fostering growth and innovation to improve customer service while being good stewards of our citizen's funds and resources. 


Provide accurate and timely billing for the Granbury utility customers through proactive customer service.


Take steps toward advanced metering, giving customers more confidence and control over their personal usage.


1.    Continuously Build Positive Customer-Centric and Proactive Service

       a.    Inspire: Foster growth driven by customer input.

       b.    Communication: Listen, hear, and understand customer concern at

              all levels.  Act with insight and compassion.

       c.    Stewardship: Proactively use tools and technology in an effort to notify customers of    

              account abnormalities.

2.    Commitment for Accurate and Timely Processing of Billing and Payments

        a.    Trust: Provide accurate billing through tools, policy, and process to the best of our        


        b.    Efficiency: Provide bills to customers with minimal margin of error, and post payments   

               within the same day of receipt.

        c.    Accountability: Lead by example. If we make a mistake, we admit it, correct it, learn 

               from it, and move ahead.

3.    Customer Education, Conservation and Control

       a.    Education: Give customers control over their usage, and embrace change through new 

              learning experiences.

       b.    Personalization: Monitor and control appropriate use for each unique customer.

       c.    Conservation: Today’s efforts foster tomorrow's resources.

  1. Utility Billing Department

  2. Leslie Green

  3. Heather Walls

  4. Bailey Blakley

    Utility Billing Manager